BioME Summer Internship Award

The BioME Summer Internship Award provides funding to college undergraduates and graduate students who are interning at an unpaid or minimally funded internship in the field of life sciences with a Maine employer. Bioscience Association of Maine will be funding $4,000 Summer Internship Awards to cover costs associated with internship and additional room and board. Students must provide a transcript from a Maine academic institution, or a valid Maine State ID.

  • Maine resident – must be enrolled in a Maine academic institution or have a valid Maine ID (transcript from a Maine institution or a Maine ID is required)
  • College enrollment – must be enrolled in an accredited full-time college program in a life sciences field. Both undergrad and grad students are eligible to apply.
  • Internship application – must apply for an unpaid or minimally funded summer internship in a bioscience field for the summer of 2021
  • Life science majors only. Some life science majors include biology, biomedical sciences, bioengineering, ecology, virology – for a full list please see examples HERE.
  • This scholarship covers internship and additional room and board
  • Note: Award will be granted on the condition that the student is accepted for the internship. A letter from the employer confirming acceptance to the internship will be required. We assume that most interns will be accepted to internship programs by the time of award announcement. If for unforeseen circumstances internship is cancelled, consideration will be given if awardee can find alternate internship meeting the same criteria by June 1.
  1. Applications are accepted between Feb 19-Apr 7, 2021
  2. Winners are announced April 22, 2021 via email.
  3. A letter from your employer confirming your internship must be submitted by May 31st.
  4. Full award ($4,000) is sent via check to the winner(s) in the first week of June.
  5. Follow up: After the completion of the internship, we ask that the student provides a 1-page overview of the internship, what they have learned and a testimonial of how the BioME scholarship assisted financially.
  • Can the internship be outside of Maine?
    • No, at least not this year.
  • Can a candidate attend a school out of state?
    • Yes, as long as they have a valid Maine ID and the internship is located in Maine.
  • Do I need a letter of acceptance from the employer at the time of applying?
    • No, but you will need to submit it before we send you the check (by end of May 2021).
  • Can the internship be remote?
    • Yes, we are allowing remote internships in 2021 as long as the employer is located in Maine.
  • What do I need to submit with my application?
    • Resumé or CV
    • Personal Statement – up to 500 words explaining why and how you would benefit from receiving the BioME Summer Internship Award
    • Acceptance Letter – letter of acceptance from the employer, if you have it when you apply
    • Current Transcript – current transcript from a Maine academic institution
    • Maine State ID – Copy of Maine State ID (if you have one)
    • Note: You are required to provide either your transcript from a Maine academic institution OR a copy of your Maine State ID.

BioME Summer Internship Award period now closed. Please check back early in 2022.