13-year-old Mainer’s medical invention gains national recognition13-year-old Mainer’s medical invention gains national recognition

HERMON, Maine — Life gave Morgan LaRochelle lemons and boy has she made lemonade! The 13-year-old from Hermon, Maine was devastated when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the fall of 2018. She didn't let it get her down for long though. In recent months, in response to an assignment from her science [...]

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An industry with a family tree: Much of Maine’s biotech industry grew out of two firms

Like some of its products, cultivated from the cells, strands and science of living organisms, Maine’s biotechnology industry has grown organically. It dates to the mid-1970s founding of Ventrex Laboratories Inc., a diagnostic testing company in Portland, and the now-defunct Foundation for Blood Research. Those two organizations led to the creation of more than 20 [...]

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Feds inject $18 million into biotech research and training in Maine

Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor received an award of nearly $18 million from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, an institute of the National Institutes of Health, for the renewal of a grant to strengthen biomedical research and research training in Maine. The grant will fund the renewal of the 18-year-old Maine INBRE (IDeA [...]

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Brunswick company making scientific advances toward more effective prescriptions at lower costs

BRUNSWICK, Maine — The side effects of any new pharmaceutical drug can often be scarier than what they're meant to treat; but how can drug companies do better testing? They can start with a company called InSphero. Armand Wolf, the Chief Scientific Officer for the company, spent years working in drug development in the pharmaceutical [...]

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Jackson Lab to hire 300 new employees

ELLSWORTH — The Jackson Laboratory has increased its minimum wage to $15.75 an hour and will hire 300 new employees over the next year, according to a press release from Senior Public Relations Manager Sarah Laskowski on Tuesday. The move comes as the Bar Harbor-based organization, which made $400 million before expenses in 2017, continues to [...]

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Bringing Maine researchers together to identify solutions to opioid epidemic in Maine

The MDI Biological Laboratory and the University of New England (UNE) are bringing Maine researchers together to discuss how they can collaborate to identify solutions to the opioid epidemic in Maine. In a first step toward this goal, the institution will hold a panel discussion on the opioid crisis at the upcoming 46th Maine Biological [...]

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