A $100 Million Bet That Vacationland Can Be a Tech Hub, Too

PORTLAND, Maine — There is nothing obviously wrong with Maine’s biggest city. Its shops buzz in the summer with well-heeled tourists. Zillow rates the real estate market “very hot.” David Geffen’s yacht docks at port from time to time. The food scene is great. In November, the unemployment rate was barely 2.2 percent. Something is [...]

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Covetrus sells off subsidiary, while IDEXX promotes senior execs

Two of the state’s largest public companies are making organizational changes extending far from Maine. Covetrus Inc., the Portland-based supplier of animal-health products and services, is selling off a German subsidiary in order to pay down debt. And veterinary diagnostics provider IDEXX Laboratories, headquartered in Westbrook, is promoting five executives in its business serving the [...]

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MedRhythms advances product pipeline with science boards, new trial

A Portland medical technology startup, MedRhythms Inc., is continuing to develop its product pipeline with the formation of two scientific advisory boards and the start of a new clinical trial. MedRhythms, whose patented digital platform uses music and biosensors to treat neurologically linked walking impairment, has created boards to guide the company’s product research in [...]

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Testing The Ocean, One Teaspoon At A Time

Research being conducted at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay indicates the world’s oceans have far more life in it than previously understood. But you can't see any of it. The research, which appears in the peer reviewed science journal "Cell," offers new insights into ocean health — and the potential for that [...]

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ME Bioscience Day Reaches Thousands of Maine Middle School Students

(Portland) On Thursday, November 21st, 56 volunteers from Maine’s bioscience companies went into middle school classrooms across the state to get students excited about science and show them career options they can have right here in Maine. Through engaging hands-on activities, more than three thousand students at 23 different schools got an idea what a [...]

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‘Mighty mice’ custom-designed at Jackson Lab are headed to the space station

A beefy strain of custom-designed mice created at Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor are headed to the International Space Station to help scientists better understand bone and muscle loss, both in space and on Earth. Mice from The Jackson Laboratory will go the International Space Station to be used in research on muscle-wasting conditions. Photo [...]

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Covetrus admits ‘self-inflicted missteps,’ records $1 billion ‘goodwill’ charge

Portland-based Covetrus Inc. used the release of its third-quarter earnings report Tuesday to send a message to investors that the company is aware of its problems and is trying to set things right. The veterinary technology and services firm reported revenue and net income from operations for the quarter that exceeded analysts’ expectations, while recording [...]

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Portland-based ImmuCell reports big revenue boost for 3rd quarter

Portland biotech firm ImmuCell Corp. on Monday reported a significant revenue increase for the third quarter, with sales up 38 percent from a year earlier to $3 million. The company, which develops and manufactures bovine health products for the dairy and beef industries, said the revenue boost was the result of eliminating a production bottleneck [...]

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