ElleVet, a pioneer in the CBD-for-pets market, is growing member of Portland’s pet-health cluster

ElleVet Sciences, a South Portland-based manufacturer of CBD products for pets, is a growing addition to Maine’s active veterinary-tech cluster that includes IDEXX, ImmuCell, Covetrus (formerly Vets First Choice) and Dechra (formerly Putney). The company was founded in 2016 by Christian Kjaer, a former senior executive at IDEXX Laboratories, and Amanda Howland, who has over 20 years experience in public health. [...]

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How a Maine maker of COVID swabs hit the ground running in Tennessee

Scott Wellman, general manager of Puritan Medical Products, brought along Maine-brewed Bissell Brothers beer as an offering to local officials in Tennessee. But it was Tennessee officials that rolled out the welcome mat for the Guilford-based maker of swabs used in COVID-19 tests. It's been a whirlwind past year for Puritan, which had already received [...]

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Puritan grows southward: Workforce, incentives made Tennessee ‘right fit’ for expansion

When the federal government asked Puritan Medical Products to expand to another part of the country in order to efficiently ramp up COVID-19 testing swab production, Texas and Wisconsin were two of the suggested sites. Officials from the Guilford-based manufacturer took a look at those states, but they liked Tennessee. "It was the right fit, [...]

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Portland health startup MedRhythms grows pipeline with new clinical trial, scientific board

MedRhythms Inc., a Portland health technology startup, is beginning a new clinical trial of the company’s digital therapeutic device for walking impairments related to Parkinson's disease. The multisite study will be conducted through a collaboration with Boston University and a leading hospital, and will evaluate the efficacy of the device when used at home, according to [...]

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$1M committed to kickstart bioscience cluster programs for entrepreneurs

Maine’s growing bioscience industry will get some additional support with the formation of a new “bioscience cluster” initiative. Launched yesterday by the Maine Center for Entrepreneurs in Portland, the initiative will aim to support bioscience innovators, entrepreneurs and startup companies involved in human and animal biology, pharmaceutical, marine and agricultural science, and healthcare innovations, according to [...]

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Can the Roux Institute Turn Portland Into a Tech Hub?

As Portland’s Roux Institute welcomed its first students last summer, the coronavirus pandemic was exposing the tenuousness of a local economy heavily reliant on hospitality and retail. But the institute — a graduate-studies and research center focused on artificial intelligence, life sciences, computer and data sciences, and digital engineering — aims to push Portland in a new, [...]

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With $147M contract, Guilford swab maker goes out of state for 4th plant

Puritan Medical Products Co., the Guilford-based manufacturer that has multiplied its COVID-19 test swab production there and in Pittsfield over the past year, is heading south to open a fourth manufacturing facility. The Department of Defense announced this week it has awarded Puritan a $146.8 million contract to expand swab production through the creation of [...]

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FocusMaine results report shows growth in targeted industries, even through pandemic

Despite the pandemic, three Maine industries are poised for continued growth and job creation, according to a report released this week by FocusMaine. FocusMaine is a private sector-led initiative that partners with other Maine organizations to spur business growth. The report looks back on three years of efforts to grow the agriculture and food production, [...]

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