Research Technologist/ Senior Research Technologist
11/17/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Global Food Safety Microbiologist
11/16/2020JM Huber CorporationLille, ME
Business Process & Application Analyst
11/16/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Technical Information Scientist
11/16/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Sr. Equipment Engineer
11/16/2020CorningKennebunk, ME
Chemistry Operator
11/15/2020CorningKennebunk, ME
Plant HR Consultant
11/14/2020CorningKennebunk, ME
Production Team Lead
11/13/2020EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
11/13/2020MMCRIScarborough, ME
Data Scientist
11/13/2020CovetrusAugusta, ME
Research Integrity Administrator
11/13/2020University of New EnglandBiddeford, ME
Product Innovation Program Manager
11/12/2020Baker CompanySanford, ME
Xenograft Studies Technician
11/12/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Postdoctoral Research Associate
11/11/2020Bates CollegeLewiston, ME
Medical Lab Assistant II - Molecular Pathology
11/11/2020NorDxScarborough, ME
Research Assistant I/II
11/11/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Administrative Assistant II
11/10/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Executive Administrator (Veterinary Software and Services)
11/10/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Laboratory Technician III
11/9/2020EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Fermentation Operator- Production FTE
11/9/2020ElancoWinslow, ME
Mechanical Engineer11/8/2020Baker CompanySanford, ME
Electrical Engineer
11/8/2020Baker CompanySanford, ME
Engineering Manager
11/8/2020Baker CompanySanford, ME
Part-time Faculty - Biology - Spring 2021
11/5/2020University of Southern MainePortland, ME
Research Assistant/Associate/Postdoctoral Researcher
11/3/2020Husson UniversityBangor, ME
Scientist III, Field Applications
11/3/2020Thermo FisherPortland, ME
Manufacturing Lab Associate
11/3/2020SeracareCumberland Foreside, ME
Engineering Technician IV
11/3/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Genotyping Technician
11/3/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Research Analyst
11/2/2020Bowdoin CollegeBrunswick, ME
Postdoctoral Research Associate
11/1/2020University of MaineOrono, ME
Accounts Payable Coordinator
11/1/2020Bigelow LaboratoryEast Boothbay, ME
Production Manager - Nights
11/1/2020AbbottWestbrook, ME
Life Sciences Marketing Manager
10/30/2020ArtelWestbrook, ME
Software Support Engineer (Application, SQL, Windows)
10/30/2020ArtelWestbrook, ME
Facilities Project Manager - Architect
10/30/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Facilities Engineer II, Architectural
10/30/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Manufacturing Chemist I
10/27/2020SeracareCumberland Foreside, ME
Process Calibration Technician
10/27/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Elanco Engineering or TS/MS Intern
10/26/2020ElancoWinslow, ME
Senior Equipment Engineer
10/25/2020CorningKennebunk, ME
Biologics Development Manager
10/24/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Elanco Human Resources Summer Intern
10/23/2020ElancoWinslow, ME
Quality Engineer
10/22/2020Baker CompanySanford, ME
Technician- Animal Care Avian Services
10/22/2020ElancoWinslow, ME
Sales Support Specialist
10/22/2020EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Computational Scientist
10/21/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Sr Product Manager - Microbiology
10/21/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Technical Product Manager
10/21/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
SMCC Engineering Student Program
10/20/2020CorningKennebunk, ME
Research Associate - Reagan Lab
10/17/2020MMCRIScarborough, ME
Operator - Production FTE
10/15/2020ElancoWinslow, ME
Research Associate II
10/15/2020AbbottScarborough, ME
Environmental Services Technician I
10/14/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Program Administrator, Student & Postdoctoral Affairs
10/14/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Lab Associate
10/14/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Project Manager/ Senior Project Manager GRS
10/13/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Research Scientist
10/13/2020AbbottScarborough, ME
Biotechnician Instrumentation
10/12/2020SDIXWindham, ME
Sr. Scientist I-III
10/12/2020SDIXWindham, ME
Associate Research Scientist
10/12/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Associate Director, Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative
10/12/2020Jackson LaboratoryAugusta, ME
Project Manager
10/10/2020Puritan Medical ProductsGuilford & Pittsfield, ME
Technician Supervisor (Second Shift)
10/10/2020Puritan Medical ProductsPittsfield, ME
Assistant Manufacturing Supervisor (First Shift)
10/10/2020Puritan Medical ProductsPittsfield, ME
Assistant Manufacturing Supervisor (Second Shift)
10/10/2020Puritan Medical ProductsPittsfield, ME
Manufacturing Technician (First Shift)
10/10/2020Puritan Medical ProductsGuilford, ME
Manufacturing Technician (First Shift)
10/10/2020Puritan Medical ProductsPittsfield, ME
Quality Systems Inspector (Second Shift)
10/10/2020Puritan Medical ProductsPittsfield, ME
Office Manager
10/9/2020Vantage Point RecruitingPortland, ME
Senior Lab Associate - Verification and Validation
10/9/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Process Engineer I
10/9/2020Puritan Medical ProductsPittsfield, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Ke Lab
10/8/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Howell Lab
10/8/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Senior Scientist - Diagnostics Product Development
10/8/2020AbbottScarborough, ME
Adjunct Faculty – Subject Matter Expert Biostatistics
10/8/2020University of New EnglandRemote
Global Logistics Planner
10/7/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Research Fellow Motyl Lab
10/5/2020MMCRIScarborough, ME
Director of Quality
10/4/2020ElancoWinslow, ME
PCR Lab Technologist (Contract Opportunity)
10/3/2020IDEXXAugusta, ME
Adjunct Faculty – Subject Matter Expert Molecular Biology
10/2/2020University of New EnglandRemote
Postdoctoral Researcher Full-Time Research Assistant/Associate
10/1/2020Husson UniversityBangor, ME
Adjunct Instructor - Microbiology Lecture and Lab
10/1/2020Husson UniversityBangor, ME
Quality Engineer
10/1/2020AbbottWestbrook, ME
Genomic Technologist I/II/III
9/30/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Computational Postdoctoral Associate
9/30/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Senior Financial Analyst
9/30/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Manager, Customer Service
9/30/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Content Manager
9/30/2020EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Fermentation Manufacturing Operator - FDE
9/29/2020ElancoWinslow, ME
Senior Manager - Chemistry Product Support
9/25/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Preclinical Lead Generation Specialist
9/24/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Adjunct Faculty – Biostatistics 1 and 2
9/23/2020University of New EnglandRemote
Adjunct Faculty – Subject Matter Expert Immunology
9/23/2020University of New EnglandRemote
Adjunct Faculty – Subject Matter Expert Pharmacology
9/23/2020University of New EnglandRemote
Bioinformatics Analyst II/III
9/22/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Strategic Insights & Innovation Senior Analyst
9/21/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Maine-eDNA Research Scientist
9/20/2020University of MaineOrono, ME
QA/RA Specialist
9/20/2020SeracareCumberland Foreside, ME
Production Specialist (3rd Shift)
9/19/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Research Assistant I/II/III - Ke Lab - RNA Biology
9/16/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Technical Service Veterinarian
9/15/2020ImmucellPortland, ME
Lead MT / MLT - Microbiology
9/14/2020NorDxScarborough, ME
9/11/2020MDI Biological LaboratoryEast Boothbay, ME
Product Manager
9/11/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Postdoctoral Research Associate
9/10/2020Northeastern UniversityPortland, ME
Research Technician I or II
9/10/2020Husson UniversityBangor, ME
Senior Cell Culture Scientist/Assistant Project Manager
9/10/2020BBI SolutionsPortland, ME
Director, Sponsored Research Administration
9/9/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Preclinical Account Manager -NorthEast Region
9/8/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
9/2/2020MMCRIScarborough, ME
9/1/2020Steel-Pro, Inc.Rockland, ME
Professor and Director of Life Science and Medical Research
9/1/2020Northeastern UniversityPortland, ME
Research Assistant - Myocardial Biology and Heart Failure Laboratory
9/1/2020MMCRIScarborough, ME
Manufacturing Associate9/1/2020ImmuCellPortland, ME
Research Assistant I
8/26/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Manufacturing Associate8/24/2020ImmuCellPortland, ME
Supply Chain Manager
8/24/2020Baker CompanySanford, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Chang Lab
8/24/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Adjunct Faculty - Biochemistry, Science Prerequisites Program
8/20/2020University of New EnglandRemote
Adjunct Instructor Cell Biology
8/20/2020Husson UniversityBangor, ME
Sr. Product Manager (New Diagnostic Innovation)
8/20/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Customer Service Representative: Molecular Diagnostic Products
8/15/2020MMQCISaco, ME
Inventory Control/Stockroom Supervisor
8/13/2020The Baker CompanySanford, ME
Quality Associate8/12/2020ImmuCellPortland, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Neuroscience
8/7/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Part Time Biotech Start-Up Employee8/3/2020Neuright, Inc.Orono, ME
CAM Programmer - Fabrication
8/3/2020Baker CompanySanford, ME
Adjunct Faculty – Subject Matter Expert Cell Biology
7/30/2020University of New EnglandRemote
Manufacturing Operator - Molding Department
7/30/2020CorningKennebunk, ME
Production Operator - Stripette Department
7/30/2020CorningKennebunk, ME
Associate Research Scientist - Single Cell Biology Service (Robson Lab)
7/29/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Senior Research Scientists
7/17/20Bigelow LaboratoryEast Boothbay, ME
Contract Supervisor, Human COVID PCR Lab
7/15/2020IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Computational Biology
7/5/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Research Fellow-Hernandez Lab
7/1/2020MMCRIScarborough, ME
Manufacturing Specialist - 50 Positions
6/30/2020Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
Manufacturing Specialist – Second Shift
6/29/2020Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
Manufacturing Test Technician
6/29/2020Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
Manufacturing Test Technician – Second Shift
6/29/2020Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
Senior FPGA Design Engineer
6/29/2020Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
SMT Technician/Operator
6/29/2020Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Munger Lab
6/26/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Sales Account Executive
6/25/2020Rockstep SolutionsPortland, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Tarchini Lab
6/24/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Production Technician I: Molecular Diagnostics Products
6/13/2020MMQCISaco, ME
HyperStack Operator - 2nd Shift
5/23/2020CorningKennebunk, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Kaczorowski Lab - Alzheimer’s Disease
5/5/2020Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Information Technology Assistant
4/17/2020Puritan Medical ProductsGuilford, ME
Adjunct Lab Instructors - Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Labs
4/9/2020Husson UniversityBangor, ME
Medical Building Mechanics
4/2/2020Puritan Medical ProductsGuilford, ME
Machine Operators (Multiple Openings)
3/30/2020Puritan Medical ProductsGuilford, ME
Quality Assurance/Regulatory Specialist II: Molecular Diagnostic Products
3/30/2020MMQCISaco, ME
Fill Line Assistant: Molecular Diagnostic Products
3/30/2020MMQCISaco, ME
Soldering Specialist
3/20/2020Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
Teaching Professor and Director of Life Science and Engineering Programs
3/13/2020Northeastern UniversityPortland, ME
Quality Assurance/Regulatory Specialist I: Molecular Diagnostic
3/1/2020MMQCISaco, ME
Embedded Firmware Engineer
10/4/2019Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
Sr. Electrical Engineer
10/4/2019Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME
Sr. Embedded Firmware Engineer
10/4/2019Enercon TechnologiesGray, ME

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