Discovery Scientist5/26/2022MMQCISaco, ME
Postdoctoral Scientist in Blue Carbon Biogeochemistry
5/24/2022Bigelow LaboratoryEast Boothbay, ME
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator- Oncology
5/24/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Sr. Polymer Process Engineer5/23/2022CorningKennebunk, ME
Senior Scientist - New Product Development
5/21/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Clinical Research Assistant
5/21/2022MedRhythmsPortland, ME
Administrator, Research Program
5/20/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Associate Scientist - Genomics
5/20/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
LCMS Sr. Biomarker Discovery Scientist
5/20/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Genomic Technologist I/II/III | Wei Lab5/19/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Director, Research Services5/19/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Administrative Assistant for Research Leadership Team
5/19/2022Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Research Technician in Ecosystem Services of Farmed Seaweeds
5/18/2022Bigelow LaboratoryEast Boothbay, ME
Production Technician II
5/18/2022EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Lab Associate - Discovery Team
5/18/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Research Technologist- Trowbridge laboratory
5/18/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Dir- Clinical Microbiology5/18/2022Northern Light HealthBangor, ME
Director of Veterinary Services
5/16/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
In Vivo Technologist
5/16/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Assistant/Associate Computational Scientist - Kaczorowski Lab
5/16/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Genotyping Technician
5/16/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Production Technician
5/16/2022EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Program Coordinator- Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation
5/16/2022MMCRIPortland, ME
Student - Vector Borne Disease Lab
5/16/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Administrative Specialist III-MH Innovation Team
5/16/2022MaineHealth InnovationPortland, ME
Production Technician III
5/13/2022EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Principal Scientist - Bioconjugate Reagent Design
5/13/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Innovation Specialist/Senior Innovation Specialist
5/13/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Computational Scientist - Assistant/Associate level
5/12/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Finance and Administration Associate I5/11/2022ImmuCellPortland, ME
Scientist - New Product Development
5/11/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Endovascular Sr Clinical Specialist5/10/2022AbbottPortland, ME
Quality Control Technician I5/10/2022AbbottScarborough, ME
Research Assistant II/III - CBA for Neurobehavioral Phenotyping
5/9/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Quality Lab Supervisor
5/9/2022CorningKennebunk, ME
Sr. Cell Biologist - Bioprocess5/9/2022CorningKennebunk, ME
Behavioral Research Specialist- Neurobehavioral Phenotyping (NBP) Core
5/9/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Lead MT/MLT-Scarb Microbiology
5/6/2022NorDxScarborough, ME
Applications/ Systems Analyst5/4/2022Baker CompanySanford, ME
Technology Transfer Manager5/4/2022CorningKennebunk, ME
Project Manager - In Vivo (Associate/Full/Senior levels)
5/4/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Mold Maker - Tool Room5/3/2022CorningKennebunk, ME
Microbiology Laboratory Analyst5/3/2022Northeast Laboratory ServicesWinslow, ME
Animal Care Trainee
5/2/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
5/2/2022ElancoWinslow, ME
Quality Engineer
5/2/2022EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Research Assistant- Li Lab
5/1/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
VP of Medical Affairs
5/1/2022MedRhythmsPortland, ME
Grants Administrator
4/28/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Associate Director, Computational Sciences4/28/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Associate Director, Genomic Technology
4/28/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Protein Sciences Tech, Technologist, Senior Technologist
4/24/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Postdoctoral Scientist for Coast-Cow-Consumer Project4/22/2022Bigelow LaboratoryEast Boothbay, ME
Production Chemist III
4/21/2022Bio-RadPortland, ME
PEx / Lean Technician4/20/2022CorningKennebunk, ME
Research/Lab Technician, Biomedical Sciences4/20/2022University of New EnglandBiddeford, ME
Research Associate– Vary Lab and Proteomics and Lipidomics Core facility
4/20/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Nisin Manufacturing Associate4/18/2022ImmuCellPortland, ME
Laboratory Associate – Process Development & Transfer
4/16/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Scientist, Protein Characterization4/15/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Patent Research Technician
4/13/2022Bigelow LaboratoryEast Boothbay, ME
Research Assistant - Nadeau Lab
4/13/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Applied Research Engineer
4/13/2022MedRhythmsPortland, ME
Clinical Research Associate4/12/2022MedRhythmsPortland, ME
Quality Control- Animal Care Technician
4/10/2022ElancoWinslow, ME
Tester4/8/2022Baker CompanySanford, ME
Research Fellow – Guntur Lab
4/8/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Manager, Rare Reagents
4/6/2022EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Category Manager, Chemicals & Biologics
4/2/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Biomedical Sciences3/30/2022University of New EnglandBiddeford, ME
Senior Scientist – Molecular Assay Development and Genomics
3/30/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Laboratory Technician III
3/30/2022EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Postdoctoral scholar - Computational Medicine & Biomedical Data Science3/30/2022Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Principal Scientist - Technical Product Support3/26/2022AbbottScarborough, ME
Associate Scientist - Research and Development
3/24/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Bioinformatician, CompBio Core3/22/2022MDI Biological LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Visiting Lecturer - Biology3/22/2022University of MainePresque Isle, ME
CAM Programmer I3/18/2022Baker CompanySanford, ME
Senior Biostatistician/Faculty Scientist
3/16/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Molecular & Cell Biology Technician3/16/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Assembly Material Handler3/14/2022Baker CompanySanford, ME
Grinder/Polisher – 1st & 2nd shifts3/14/2022Baker CompanySanford, ME
TIG Welder – 1st & 2nd shift
3/14/2022Baker CompanySanford, ME
3/14/2022Baker CompanySanford, ME
Machine Operator – 1st, 2nd & 3rd shifts
3/14/2022Baker CompanySanford, ME
Quality Assurance Technician
3/12/2022BBI SolutionsPortland, ME
Senior Manager, Neurobehavioral Phenotyping
3/10/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Laboratory Coordinator (CORE)3/8/2022University of MaineOrono, ME
Scientist II3/5/2022AbbottScarborough, ME
Senior Scientist3/5/2022AbbottScarborough, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Chesler Lab3/2/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Postdoctoral Associate | Immunology | Lenny Shultz Lab
3/1/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Global Account Manager
2/25/2022EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Research Coordinator II- Clinical Trials
2/24/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Senior Project Manager2/17/2022AbbottScarborough, ME
Senior Full Stack Engineer
2/16/2022MedRhythmsPortland, ME
Applications Scientist2/15/2022Yokogawa Fluid Imaging TechnologiesScarborough, ME
Diagnostic Laboratory Technologist I2/15/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Operator - Production FDE2/15/2022ElancoWinslow, ME
Animal Technician
2/14/2022MDI Biological LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Northeast Account Manager
2/10/2022ArtelWestbrook, ME
West Coast Laboratory Applications Specialist
2/10/2022ArtelWestbrook, ME
Quality Associate2/9/2022ImmuCellPortland, ME
Senior Manager, Molecular Diagnostics Process Development & Transfer
2/9/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
Technology and Resource Development Scientist2/8/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Contracts Administrator
2/2/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Protein Production and Purification Technologist II
1/29/2022Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Senior Scientist Product Support
1/26/2022IDEXXWestbrook, ME
IC Lab Production Scientist 1
1/20/2022BBI SolutionsPortland, ME
Research Program Manager - Autism Research
1/14/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
1/14/2022MMCRIScarborough, ME
Sales Manager, North America
1/11/2022EnviroLogixPortland, ME
Manager - Clinical Trials Regulatory Affairs & Quality12/29/2021MMCRIScarborough, ME
Postdoctoral Researcher, Beck Lab
12/29/2021MDI Biological LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Aging/Alzheimers
12/23/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Faculty | Immunity/Infectious Disease
12/22/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Faculty | Aging/Regeneration
12/22/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Faculty | Computational Biology
12/22/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
R&D Scientist I12/21/2021MMQCISaco, ME
Quality Assurance/ Regulatory Affairs Specialist I12/21/2021MMQCISaco, ME
Clinical Trials Budget Analyst II12/20/2021MMCRIPortland, ME
Manager – Clinical Trials Financial Operations12/20/2021MMCRIPortland, ME
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Early Course Psychosis Research12/20/2021MMCRIPortland, ME
Manufacturing Associate - Vaccine12/16/2021ImmuCellPortland, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - JAX Center for Addiction Biology
12/14/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Quality Engineer12/9/2021Acme MonacoPresque Isle, ME
Supervisor, IT Product12/7/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Assistant/Associate Teaching Professor - Bioinformatics 12/2/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Assistant/Associate Teaching Professor - Bioengineering12/2/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Assistant/Associate/Full Teaching Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering12/2/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Research Assistant I/II
12/2/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Lab Analyst I11/29/2021Nova Analytic LabsPortland, ME
Lab Technologist11/29/2021Nova Analytic LabsPortland, ME
Validation Technician11/29/2021MMQCISaco, ME
Quality Assurance/Regulatory Specialist II11/29/2021MMQCISaco, ME
Adjunct Instructors, Cell Biology and Pathophysiology11/29/2021Husson UniversityBangor, ME
Assistant Professor - Health/Healthcare Data Science11/23/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Senior Data Engineer11/18/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
VP of Engineering11/18/2021MedRhythmsPortland, ME
Data Engineer11/15/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Marketing Manager 11/3/2021ClearH2OPortland, ME
Research Engineer II, Additive & Advanced Manufacturing10/15/2021Roux InstituteBrunswick, ME
Veterinary Technician/Technologist10/11/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Product Manager I
10/7/2021Vantage Point RecruitingFalmouth, ME
Postdoctoral Associate | Molecular Genetics of Addiction | Kumar Lab10/7/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Formulations Assistant I: Molecular Diagnostics Products
10/6/2021MMQCISaco, ME
Operations and Brand Manager10/5/2021Nova Analytic LabsPortland, ME
Microbiology Scientist I 10/1/2021Nova Analytic LabsPortland, ME
Postdoctoral Fellow - Life Sciences & Medical Research9/29/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Postdoctoral Associate - Trowbridge Lab
9/25/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Student Internship9/24/2021Nova Analytic LabsPortland, ME
Research Assistant III9/20/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
9/17/2021University of New EnglandBiddeford, ME
Postdoctoral Associate | Tewhey Lab9/15/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
QA Manager
9/15/2021ElancoWinslow, ME
Mid-West Laboratory Applications Specialist
9/11/2021ArtelWestbrook, ME
Manufacturing Scientist/Chemist
9/7/2021ElancoWinslow, ME
Visualization Postdoctoral Fellow
9/1/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Part-Time Lecturer, Bioinformatics7/28/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Postdoctoral Research Associates - Multiple Disciplines - Up to 20 Positions
7/20/2021University of MaineOrono, ME
Research Scientist, Data Visualization
7/15/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Associate Research Scientist - Life Science & Medicine7/15/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Research Scientist, Life Science and Medicine
7/10/2021Roux Institute Portland, ME
Postdoctoral Associate | Hearing and Balance - Tarchini Lab
7/9/2021Jackson LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Postdoctoral Researcher, Haller Lab
6/15/2021MDI Biological LaboratoryBar Harbor, ME
Part-time Lecturer - Biotech Science Focused6/2/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME
Part-time Lecturer - Biotech Business Focus6/2/2021Roux InstitutePortland, ME

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