Education Programs & Opportunities

As part of our mission to advance Maine’s life sciences workforce, Bioscience Association of Maine provides various educational resources and opportunities through initiatives that align with industry needs. A highly-skilled workforce is essential for strong, sustainable and balanced growth of companies and innovation clusters.

BioME Scholarship Program

The BioME Scholarship Program offers an opportunity for recent high school graduates, undergraduate and graduate students in the field of bioscience to realize and accomplish their academic goals.

“This semester, with the gift of the BioME Scholarship, I was able to reduce my work hours and devote more time furthering my research in the laboratory and mentored a new undergraduate researcher.”

“I was hesitant to apply for the Education Internship because it was an unpaid position. Once I heard about the BioME Summer Internship Award, however, I was so excited that I could potentially take this internship without having to worry about money. The award helped me get everything I needed for this internship.”

“I hope that the Bioscience Association of Maine continues to support students with these awards, thereby making the life sciences world more accessible and diverse.”

Students have the opportunity to receive an Academic Scholarship, Summer Internship Award, Seed Grant, or Travel/Conference Award.

BioME Student Showcase

The BioME Student Showcase is a Maine life science research competition providing high school, undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to show off their passion for life science and present their research for a chance to win cash and academic prizes.

The goal of this event is to support innovation and commercialization of student ideas in Maine, as well as connect current students with potential future employers and entrepreneurial resources in the state.

BioME Career Exploration

The BioME Career Exploration event is a career expo providing Maine life science students and recent graduates an opportunity to learn how to best position themselves for a career within Maine’s life sciences industry and explore the many opportunities within the state.

The expo features tables staffed by Maine life science companies so that they can speak with students about positions within the company, credentials needed, and other tips about what they might look for in a team member. Workshops and breakout sessions are geared toward students and new professionals looking to build on their life science specific workforce skills.

Middle School Programs

The bioscience industry in Maine is thriving and offers significant opportunities for Maine students and the broader workforce. BioME middle school programs are being coordinated with the hope to ignite a passion for science and to create lasting interactions between students, industry, and research.

ME Bioscience Day is a statewide event for Maine middle schools students that focuses on educating Maine’s youth about the different career paths and opportunities available in the life sciences industry. The event is followed by 4 scholarships opportunities to attend a summer science camp.

Degree Programs & Training

Discover Maine’s life science related research opportunities, fellowships, internships, training programs, courses, workshops, graduate & undergraduate programs and more.