Meet Four BioME Middle School Scholarship Recipients 2024

BioME funds four scholarships for middle schoolers to attend the Maine School of Science and Mathematics summer camp

With Maine schools soon out for summer break, we are excited to announce that Bioscience Association of Maine has awarded four scholarships to Maine middle school students. These enthusiastic students will attend a 1-week-long summer science camp at the Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM). All 4 awardees attend a school that participated in ME Bioscience Day 2023. The goal of the MSSM Summer Science Camp Scholarship and ME Bioscience Day is to get students excited about science, while also bringing awareness to the career opportunities within Maine life sciences industry.

Meet Four Future Scientists: MSSM Science Camp Scholarship Recipients

Amelia Jamieson

Amelia is a rising 8th grader at Scarborough Middle School. She enjoys Math, Science and STEM classes in school. Outside of school, she participates in several clubs at the library and is a Girl Scout. Amelia loves reading, Legos and all types of games. Amelia hopes to be an aquarium educator or a chemical engineer.

Liam Tierny

Liam is a rising 8th grader at Bristol Consolidated School. He is most Passionate about the study of Cellular Biology and Botany. His hope is to combine his passion for science with interests in engineering and his creative nature to pave the way for new technology to solve problems in the future. Liam lives in a house full of siblings and an assortment of animals including a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. In his free time, Liam loves to draw, read, play basketball, and play video games. Liam is very excited about his upcoming week at MSSM camp.

Devon Skrivanich

Devon is a rising seventh grader who helps in her community. She loves math and science, and was amazed by the recent total eclipse. Outside you can find Devon playing soccer and softball. At home she spends time reading, hanging with her older sister and playing with her dogs Gracey and Athena.

Rowan-Lyn Feathler

Rowan-Lyn will be in 8th grade at G-NG middle school this fall. She is proud to be a grade ahead in math. Her favorite activities include, doing theater, sitting around watching shows with her cats, being creative and building in her S.T.E.M class, her and her family love going on fun vacations and doing new adventures, she loves overachieving and getting great grades. Rowan-Lyn has always jumped from what she wants to do in life but she has decided she hopefully will become an Aerospace Engineer. Rowan-Lyn is ecstatic to go to MSSM this summer and hopes to make so many new friends.

About MSSM

MSSM is a specialized school located in Limestone, Maine. Their Summer Camp program provides middle schoolers an opportunity to continue their education, discover new opportunities, and inspire their academic journey. Students attend camp with like-minded peers, and are guided by a dedicated faculty who share their passion for STEM. MSSM inspires young minds to pursue their favorite subjects through innovative and interactive classes and outdoor activities.

About ME Bioscience Day

ME Bioscience Day is a statewide event that focuses on educating Maine’s youth about different career paths and opportunities within the life sciences industry in Maine. Typically, professionals in these fields volunteer to visit local middle school classrooms to talk with students about their career in science, their daily tasks, and the opportunities that are available in such careers. In 2023, ME Bioscience Day was hosted as a hybrid event with both in-person volunteers and virtual video formats, this allowed us to reach middle schools all across Maine. Students that attended any of these participating schools were eligible to apply for the MSSM Summer Science Camp Scholarship.

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