The Baker Company has partnered with Lucid Scientific, a manufacturer of the most sensitive and accurate optical oxygen sensors available, to distribute its novel product line in North America

Sanford, Maine, April 21,2020 – The Baker Company, global leader in containment technology, owner of Baker Ruskinn, itself a global leader in anaerobic and precision low-oxygen culture solutions for microbiology and cell culture applications, has partnered with Lucid Scientific, to distribute their unique RESIPHER solution that turns a multi-well plate into a dynamic oxygen consumption reader.

“We are excited to be working with Lucid Scientific to bring innovative real time oxygen consumption analyzers to the marketplace,” said Dan Eagleson, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at the Baker Company. “The Baker Company and its sales channel partners are poised to change the face of cell culture as we know it by introducing tools that mimic in vivo physiology. This product line is a very important addition to this precision tool set”.

RESIPHER devices utilize proprietary high-resolution micro oxygen sensors to characterize oxygen consumption and the oxygen environment in cell culture. The RESIPHER is a handheld device that rests on top of a plate in the incubator or workstation. The device interfaces a sterile/disposable lid with probes that extend into the media directly above the cells.

“Lucid Scientific is looking forward to developing a strong partnership with Baker Company,” said Dr. Walker Inman, President and CEO of Lucid Scientific. “We work closely with our customers to help them find solutions to measure, monitor and analyze how O2 impacts cells in culture media in real time, and the Baker Company line is a natural fit.”

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About Baker Ruskinn (formerly Ruskinn Technology Ltd)

Baker Ruskinn, is a global leader and supplier of anaerobic and modified atmosphere solutions for microbiology and tissue/cell culture applications. Its advanced line of anaerobic chambers and physiological workstations help improve research results by providing precisely controlled conditions for anoxic and low-oxygen studies.

About the Baker Company

For almost 70 years, Baker (parent company of Baker Ruskinn) has been at the forefront of engineering, testing and production of reliable laboratory contamination control equipment. Baker thrives on helping scientists and researchers achieve their mission in almost every kind of endeavor and a wide variety of industries, including biotech, pharmacy, government, clinical and medical education research.

About Lucid

Lucid Scientific develops and manufactures the RESIPHER™ system for continuously monitoring oxygen metabolism in cell culture experiments. Lucid’s patented platform provides real-time quantitative, non-invasive visibility into dynamic cellular growth patterns and treatment responses. For more information visit:

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