Why it was time to Rebrand

Bioscience Association of Maine (BioME) Rebrand

An innovative business, as it grows and develops, periodically must take a step back, look at the big picture, and decide where the organization must pivot to meet future demand. This is even more true for bioscience companies where the pace of discovery and potential only seems to be accelerating year by year.

This year, we here at the Bioscience Association of Maine took a broad look at where we have been and where we are headed. More importantly, we also looked to where the industry is heading. From our perspective, as science and medicine become more specialized and more personal, the future is going to require a lot more interaction and cooperation between companies and organizations of diverse disciplines and talents.

With this context in mind, it became clear that we needed our brand to reflect this reality and set the stage for further growth and development over the coming years.

The BioME brand reflects this need for teamwork in an ever-changing landscape of scientific discovery and innovation. It reflects the variety of research specialization and breadth of manufacturing expertise within our state. And it reinforces that this state is home to global leaders in genomics, in vitro diagnostics, bioinformatics, ocean science, molecular biology, infectious disease, neuroscience, and so much more. This brand acknowledges that individually we are all unique and working together we can truly be a force of nature.

We hope that you feel the same affinity for our new BioME brand as we do. In conjunction, we also completed a redesign of our website, which we hope you will love. Please keep checking back here for interesting updates on this blog, our new and improved bioscience job board, and all the events we have planned over the next few months!

This is an exciting time for bioscience and an exciting time at BioME. Please get in touch with us via our “contact” page if you have any ideas or opportunities to share that will keep Maine’s bioscience industry moving!

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