Moving shop or employees? Utilize your BioME membership discount with Humboldt

BioME members are eligible for significant cost-savings through the BioME Group Purchasing Program, which provides discounts and benefits with various providers, usually reserved only for large national accounts. Humboldt Moving & Storage, a United Van Lines agent, is one such participating vendor, offering discounted services and benefits. Humboldt is a family owned business that offers professional [...]

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Summer bioscience internships and training opportunities

Summer is approaching, and what's more fun than relaxing on the beach? Well, if you're like us, you're probably looking for more ways to get involved in the bioscience community. If you are a high school student, undergraduate, or recent college graduate, we have some exciting opportunities for you, including internships. BioME has ranked some [...]

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BioME’s Strategic Session: New Mission and Vision

BioME’s Strategic Session: New Mission and Vision In the past few years, our organization has grown bigger, stronger and has become involved with increasingly more and more diverse activities. With all these positive changes, we felt that BioME should come up with a clear strategy for the years to come. The first step involved putting [...]

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Why it was time to Rebrand

An innovative business, as it grows and develops, periodically must take a step back, look at the big picture, and decide where the organization must pivot to meet future demand.  This is even more true for bioscience companies where the pace of discovery and potential only seems to be accelerating year by year. This year, [...]

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